Construction sites can be seen an easy target for thieves or vandalism, with expensive machinery, tools and materials laying around often unattended.

APS RoboWatch also cuts-down the risk of injury by making sure only authorised personnel have access to the site.

The APS RoboWatch’s systems outperform traditional manned security and costs 50% less.

APS RoboWatch Cameras

APS RoboWatch monitoring systems are extremely effective, using state-of-the-art technology to do a superior job of detecting and responding to threats.

Using motion sensing cameras that are programmed to detect unauthorised movement. If any such movement is detected, it is immediately reported to our central control center, and the police are notified.

Control Centre

Our central control centre is extremely secure, and elaborate measures have been taken to ensure that security services will never be compromised.

If, for some reason, the control centre is ever shut down temporarily, RoboWatch has made arrangements to establish a mobile command centre within minutes.

APS Fire safety

In addition to security focused CCTV monitoring, APS provides fire safety solutions. The focus of APS fire security is on providing temporary fire alarms for construction sites without the use of cables. APS installs, monitors, and maintains non-hard-wired fire alarms, which are more convenient and less expensive than traditional cable-linked fire alarms.

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