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The stakes are high when it comes to protecting property and equipment within the construction sector. Aside from protection of the assets themselves, there’s also the requirement to limit access to what can be a potentially hazardous environment and comply with legal and moral health & safety responsibilities.

APS have long been involved in the protection of high value, vulnerable locations and we too have experienced the frustration which comes from the limited nature of traditional site security systems. What works well in a residential setting or in a business premises is not necessarily a great fit to a situation where you have a very large area which is highly visible, difficult to enclose, frequently unmanned and contains hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of equipment & materials. We have therefore invested a great deal of time and resource into developing a solution which not only meets the specific challenges faced but does so whilst offering significant cost savings.

APS RoboWatch Towers are an all-encompassing answer to those responsible for the protection and safety of construction sites or similar large area, security-critical sites.

This conveniently modular, incredibly robust solution offers peace of mind on a number of fronts:

The towers presence alone is an effective deterrent to those tempted to enter the site.

Strategically placed motion sensors detect intruders and alert the control centre.

The instant live alert to the control centre allows quick reaction and on-going, real-time monitoring.

Intruders can be warned off initially and police can be notified to attend.

Continuous recording provides high quality footage and 30 days of tamper-proof evidence.

What’s more, APS RoboWatch Towers deliver this peace of mind without limitations. The rugged structure makes them suitable for every terrain – essentially anywhere we can access by 4×4 – and the fact that they are easily transportable means that they can be re-deployed as and when needed elsewhere on site.

The modular design allows for a multitude of specifications so each and every unit can be customised for its particular application – no over-complicated technology to get in the way of what matters and no need to pay for features that you’re are of little value to you. In fact, the APS RoboWatch Tower system can help you significantly reduce your security costs even although it is infinitely more effective.

Secure monitoring

As you would expect, the comprehensive nature of the APS RoboWatch Tower solution extends to the operational side of things too. Our highly-secure CAT II control room is self-contained and independently powered to ensure business continuity, even in the face of adversity. Secure communication lines and highly trained, SIA licensed controllers ensure that your footage is always in safe hands and is monitored only by those who have the training and clearance to do so. Criminals and vandals don’t stick to office hours, so we don’t either: our site is manned 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year.

Disaster Recovery is something we’d probably rather not have to think about, but we live in times of fast-changing conditions and planning for the possible is an important part of ensuring business resilience. In the highly unlikely event of APS needing to evacuate HQ at short notice, we are able to replicate our control centre in minutes within a secure satellite site. That means there’s no break in service and there’s no risk of compromising security.

APS cost-saving security

Construction site theft and vandalism is estimated to cost the industry somewhere in the region of £1 billion per annum. A considerable sum of money in itself, but even this does not include additional costs of the crime which the victims have to cover, namely:

  • Site downtime
  • Salaries of staff unable to work
  • Payment for additional ‘clear up’ contractors
  • Damage repair
  • Additional safety assessments
  • Hire/ purchase of replacement equipment
  • Performance/ delivery deadline penalties
  • Increased insurance premiums

In developing our technology our aim was to dramatically minimise, or indeed eliminate, the risk of exposure to such extensive losses but in addition we wanted offer this protection in a much more cost-effective way than traditional alternatives. We are pleased to say that we succeeded in doing exactly this.

The APS RoboWatch Tower solution will not only significantly out-perform manned security but also will cost in the region of 50% less – that’s greater peace of mind for a fraction of the price.

Our system will allow you to replace on-site staff costs with a weekly fixed fee which includes:

  • On-site survey to determine specific site needs
  • Design and build to your specification
  • Delivery and installation to agreed location(s)
  • Commissioning & set-up
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Incident response as required
  • Removal of units at end of hire

Additional costs may be applied for provision of other equipment such as battery packs or power supplies however these will be identified and detailed in the initial site survey.

To find out just how much you could save, contact us.

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